Slumberland would not be Slumberland without its iconic brand logo featuring the majestic tiger. Our planet would also not be the same for future generations if we allow this regal creature to become extinct. 

“Wild tiger numbers are at an all-time low. We have lost 97% of wild tigers in just over a century. Tigers may be one of the most revered animals, but they are also vulnerable to extinction. As few as 3,200 exist in the wild today.” 

We have been proud to sponsor tigers at the Johannesburg Zoo and the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (Pretoria Zoo) since 2010. We’re proud “parents” to five playful tigers: Olga and Orcha at the Johannesburg Zoo; and Lolo, Leah and Winston at Pretoria Zoo.


Learn more about the Tiger and why it’s so important that we preserve this majestic creature at If you would also like to adopt an animal at the Johannesburg or Pretoria zoos, you can do so by following these links: Johanensburg The National Zoological Gardens of South