17 Feb 2021

Slumberland is supporting Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary

Slumberland has been offering South African families an uninterrupted night’s sleep on a luxurious, supportive mattress since 1967.

Unfortunately, uninterrupted sleep is not a luxury afforded to the planet’s wild Bengal tiger population. While the number of wild tigers has shown slight growth globally, this majestic species still faces major threats to its survival.

Slumberland has, therefore, thrown its weight behind a pioneering South African Big Cat Sanctuary focused on educating the public of their plight and dedicated to keeping these cats safe. 

Slumberland will donate R10 000 to the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, whose main purpose is to rescue captive born exploited and neglected big cats, and to be an educational platform on the plight of our big cats’ survival and we’re supporting them in creating awareness of how animal welfare can play a vital role in enriching our lives.  We love that they believe  these animals should  be given a new chance in life and a forever home with the highest ethical standards, where there is no hands-on interaction, no breeding or trading. This non-profit sanctuary focuses on animal welfare and are one of the leading true big cat sanctuaries in South Africa; only six true big cat sanctuaries exist in the country.

Slumberland will also be supporting the sanctuary monthly with media spend to increase awareness of the sanctuary and to introduce you to two beautiful Tigers that have an incredible story of survival.  

At Slumberland, we understand that for many of us, 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year. However, just as the tiger faces extinction, and have adapted and evolved to survive. We believe that we can all learn from the Tigers and focus on their strength to be the best we can with the circumstances we face. 

Just as the tiger does, we ask you to rise and show your stripes like never before! Download our customised Facebook Profile Picture Frame and show your stripes all month long, in support of the Big Cats Sanctuary, Panthera Africa.

So why not spoil yourself with a Slumberland bed so you can sleep, rise and show your stripes in all your resilient splendour!

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