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A Note From Our CEO

Rebuilding One Bravo and One South Africa

Dear Bravo Partner,

Time and again, the human spirit has endured and triumphed when Mother Nature, Mankind, or both, sought to conjure and serve up all sorts of wrath, wreck and worry. Our times will certainly tickle history books and memory banks as a time of perseverance and purpose by a people faced with pandemic and social unrest brought about by crass politicking.

We are truly encouraged by the South African spirit of resilience, uniquely manifested by its citizens in multiple forms such as “ubuntu”, “gees” and “comradeship” as our people resolutely shift from sharing tales of violent unrest to quickly come together as we start the task of rebuilding – one South Africa, and One Bravo.

As we contemplated the destructive impact of the civil unrest on our Kwa-Zulu Natal communities and factories, we’ve been firm in prioritizing the restoration of our staff members’ most constitutional of rights to life and security.

Our rebuild strategy commenced with a thorough, independent assessment of the structural integrity and safety of our affected premises and factories, as well as a review of our overall value chain. This approach was taken in the full knowledge that such a robust review was critical to implementing a recovery and rebuild plan to instill staff confidence that would enable a sustainable supply of our branded lounge and sleep products to our customers and their consumers.

Based on expert feedback and advice, the concentrated efforts of our various Lounge and Sleep leadership teams, and our supplier and service partners, we are confident that we will commence operations again in Kwa-Zulu Natal from mid-August 2021. Our customer partners throughout our value chain will be able to use this timeframe to plan and confirm their Gommagomma and Grafton Everest orders with us, whilst still enjoying the supply of Alpine, La-Z-Boy, Sealy, Slumberland, Edblo and King Koil products from our non-impacted factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Bravo’s sales and customer teams remain constantly available to address the needs of our customers throughout this period, as do the balance of our administrative teams and management.

We are reminded that as a house of brands trusted by South Africans, Bravo Brands is not the work of one brand alone, but the result of many minds and hands working together, humbly woven into a truly Proudly South African success story. Let this be just as true in 2021 as it has been over the last 100 years.
One group, many brands, prospering people. That is and will remain, Bravo Brands.

Please continue to stay safe!


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