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13 Sep 2018
What is Memory Foam?

First designed for NASA for aeroplane seats, memory foam is now found in a range of everyday products. Your pillow, mattress, office suppliers and footwear is more likely to have a memory foam component. While the cost of memory foam was originally expensive, advances in its process have reduced the cost and makes it more available for a range of uses.

To assist determine if a memory foam mattress is a perfect fit for your sleeping needs, below is a list of facts to highlight the quality of this incredible sleeping surface.

Provides a body fit – Memory foam mattresses actively mould to your body shape in response to pressure and heat, allowing the surface to distribute body weight when used and return to its original state once pressure is removed.

Provides temperature-control support – Memory foam mattresses are designed to use the temperature-sensitive material, allowing the mattress to adjust to your body as your temperature increases. These mattresses become softer in order to provide a good night’s rest. In addition, memory foam can retain heat, providing even more warmth for added comfort in the colder months.

Offers pain-relief comfort – Memory foam provides health benefits by relieving body aches, as well as assisting your body to recover from injuries. Areas that are painful usually have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, and the mattress detects these differences and moulds accordingly.

Allergy friendly – A typical mattress that has been used for a long time, contains around ten thousand dust mites inside. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are made of polyurethane foam makeup, which is made of fibres that prevent allergies. Unlike other mattresses, memory foam prevents accumulation of allergens over time.

Transfer resistance – A rational option for couples, memory foam mattresses consumes surface movement to lessen disturbances when your partner is moving around in bed. This is great news for those who have partners that toss and turn in their sleep.

While your sleep preferences vary, memory foam mattresses offer a clever alternative to standard mattresses. Memory foam offers natural pain support and overall support for your body.

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, visit Slumberland for a range of excellent quality mattresses offering memory foam, gel memory foam and a classic range of mattresses with foam layers.

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