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13 Apr 2022
Have green dreams on sustainable luxury

Celebrate Earth Day Month on an Eco-friendly Ecolux bed Being environmentally conscious is not just about turning the lights off after leaving a room or not continuously purchasing plastic bags at the grocery store. It’s also about making everyday choices that can determine our future on this planet. Choices that include what you spend your […]

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3 Mar 2022

Everyone, including tigers, seems to know luxury when they feel it. But what is luxury? We decided to investigate but, as it was late, we thought a bed would be a good place to start. There are many bed brands in South Africa, some of which claim to be luxurious, but which one would help […]

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1 Feb 2022
Face Your Challenges with Your Best Self

Slumberland are the leading authority in achieving a luxurious night’s sleep, and this is not more evident than in their MOONLIGHT range. This range makes sure that your night is the best part of your day! MOONLIGHT by Slumberland has dark good looks; it’s so attractive you’ll want to show it off without the sheets. […]

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4 Jan 2022
Seven qualities of the perfect mattress

According to the Dalai Lama sleep is “the best form of meditation” and one of the most important keys to self-care. As one of the best mattress brands in South Africa, Slumberland knows that your mattress is one of the biggest contributing factors to the quality and quantity of your sleep. A proper night’s rest […]

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1 Dec 2021
Bedcation This Festive Season

Where are you choosing to have your Bedcation Slumberland is the most comfortable place in the world, no matter where you are and no matter the time of year. Whether your plans for this festive season are to stay in the comfort of your own home with your loved ones, to take a road trip […]

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2 Nov 2021
The Trilogy of Bed-Buying

Three features to consider when purchasing a mattress JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, [Date] – As one of the most comfortable places to sleep in the world, Slumberland knows that a good night’s sleep can greatly improve concentration and productivity. Studies show that short, interrupted sleep can negatively impact certain aspects of brain function to a similar […]

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1 Oct 2021
Click and buy a Slumberland bed today!

A step-by-step guide on how to buy a bed via our website National bedding company Slumberland has been offering South African families a luxurious night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress since 1967. As one of the best mattress brands in South Africa, Slumberland is also making it extremely easy to purchase a new bed […]

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7 Sep 2021
How to know which bed size is right for you

Reasons for buying a new bed can vary from upgrading to the best quality mattress available to adapting to growing children, where the right support and comfort is always a priority. With a number of “best mattress brands in South Africa” advertised widely, it’s not always an easy choice – until you look beneath the […]

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2 Aug 2021
Ecolux beds: Luxury with a conscience.

With so much focus on the critical need to reduce human impact on our planet, increased attention is being paid to reusing and recycling what we make, resulting in technological advances that were previously thought impossible. One such advance is in the field of plastic recycling, where plastic waste is being transformed into a diversity […]

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31 May 2021
Luxury just got better!

National bedding company Slumberland has announced some brand new and exciting changes to its bed ranges. Slumberland has been offering South African families a splendid night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress since 1967, and we know our new ranges will tick all the boxes clients never even knew could be ticked! The Slumberland Moonlight […]

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