Slumberland is supporting Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary

Slumberland has been offering South African families an uninterrupted night’s sleep on a luxurious, supportive mattress since 1967.

Unfortunately, uninterrupted sleep is not a luxury afforded to the planet’s wild Bengal tiger population. While the number of wild tigers has shown slight growth globally, this majestic species still faces major threats to its survival.

Slumberland has, therefore, thrown its weight behind a pioneering South African Big Cat Sanctuary focused on educating the public of their plight and dedicated to keeping these cats safe. 

Slumberland will donate R10 000 to the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, whose main purpose is to rescue captive born exploited and neglected big cats, and to be an educational platform on the plight of our big cats’ survival and we’re supporting them in creating awareness of how animal welfare can play a vital role in enriching our lives.  We love that they believe  these animals should  be given a new chance in life and a forever home with the highest ethical standards, where there is no hands-on interaction, no breeding or trading. This non-profit sanctuary focuses on animal welfare and are one of the leading true big cat sanctuaries in South Africa; only six true big cat sanctuaries exist in the country.

Slumberland will also be supporting the sanctuary monthly with media spend to increase awareness of the sanctuary and to introduce you to two beautiful Tigers that have an incredible story of survival.  

At Slumberland, we understand that for many of us, 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year. However, just as the tiger faces extinction, and have adapted and evolved to survive. We believe that we can all learn from the Tigers and focus on their strength to be the best we can with the circumstances we face. 

Just as the tiger does, we ask you to rise and show your stripes like never before! Download our customised Facebook Profile Picture Frame and show your stripes all month long, in support of the Big Cats Sanctuary, Panthera Africa.

So why not spoil yourself with a Slumberland bed so you can sleep, rise and show your stripes in all your resilient splendour!


Cherished local brand joins “Buy Local” movement

Slumberland has been offering South African families a splendid night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress since 1967.

As part of the company’s commitment to serve local communities across South Africa, Slumberland and its holding company the Bravo Group will join other members of the Proudly South African organization in focusing on job creation, boosting the South African economy and ensuring that money spent remains in the country.

Any brand wanting to qualify as a Proudly South African company must prove that they adhere to South Africa’s labour and environmental legislation, must provide certified proof of quality craftsmanship, and at least 50% of the final cost of production of their product must have been incurred in South Africa.

Slumberland’s core business principle of local manufacturing, and our policy of only using locally sourced raw materials in our manufacturing process, stood us in good stead.

Our holding company, Bravo Group, has created jobs for South Africans for more than 120 years. Currently the group employs over 3000 local employees in seven factories across the country.

Slumberland is ecstatic to be a Proudly South African brand as it promotes job retention and creation, assists other local service providers and small businesses, boosts the South African economy hard-hit by Coronavirus, lessens the impact on our environment and helps our local communities to grow and prosper.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in South Africa, when the nation stands united in raising awareness of this debilitating disease.

Apart from supporting this much-needed annual campaign, Slumberland this year also wants to specifically support the survivors. Those strong, awe-inspiring and incredibly brave individuals who are living with the disease daily, or who have fought the disease and achieved remission.

Approximately 19.4 million South African women are at-risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer – the cancer affecting women in South Africa the most.

While it is true that the risk for breast cancer increases as women grow older, the disease also affects women under the age of 40. In fact both men and women are at risk, and in particular women with a family history of breast cancer.

Other factors that can increase the risk of contracting breast cancer include being overweight, being inactive, consuming alcohol, poor dietary habits, smoking and exposure to chemicals.

The early detection of breast cancer can be vital, as it is easier to successfully treat the disease when it is small and has not spread. Early detection offers an increased number of available treatment options, improved quality of life and increases the chances of survival.

Having a Mammogram, a low-dose x-ray of the breast, is one of the most effective screening tests to assist with early detection of the disease. It is recommended that women aged 45 to 54 should get mammograms annually.

Apart from screening for early detection of breast cancer, diet and proper sleep also plays a significant role in prevention of cancer or alleviating symptoms if you are a survivor.

Studies in the USA have also confirmed that sleep problems are very common in breast cancer, pre-treatment, during treatment and sometimes for years after treatment.

In a study of cancer survivors, 19% reported chronic insomnia, with 95% of them experiencing the insomnia for more than 6 months. When sleep was correlated with other symptoms, it was most often associated with complaints of fatigue or anxiety.

This is hardly surprising as survivors may often try to pick up their lives where they left off, despite the fact that their physical strength and emotional balance might not be what it used to be. The constant fear of the cancer recurring can also create tremendous anxiety and, combined with the physical exhaustion, can lead to disturbed sleeping patterns.

Getting proper sleep is therefore crucial in maintaining physical and emotional health while living as a cancer survivor, to rise and conquer every day.


A quality bed base makes all the difference to the comfort of your mattress. Matching your mattress with a quality base means that you will get utmost benefits in terms of durability and comfort. On the contrary, if you are using a poor quality base then you are limiting the benefits that your mattress can offer you.

Keep in mind that, your bed base is the foundation for your mattress. Nothing else is holding your mattress up therefore, if your bed base is sagging so will your mattress.

It has likely been some time since you have purchased a mattress and/or a bed base, however mattress related technology may have changed since the last time you went shopping.

Mattress manufacturers as well as consumers are noticing that both the mattress and the bed base affect one another. A quality mattress on a quality base will feel extremely comfortable and will last you years. However, a good mattress on a poor quality bed base will not feel as pleasant nor last as long.

Is your sleep system not working for you? If your bed is beginning to feel lumpy, or if you are feeling pains in the morning, chances are that your current sleep system is not working for you. The issue may be the mattress, the bed base or both. This is why it is important to buy your mattress and base together as a pair.

Don’t slip into the trap of replacing your mattress but still keeping your old bed base. You will most likely not get the complete comfort that you deserve. In fact, if you seem to forever be searching for the greatest mattress and cannot seem to find one, consider the possibility of the issue being the bed base.

Get the best quality comfortable mattresses and bed bases. Slumberland offers a wide range of various mattress types providing you the option to choose according to your comfort and support requirements. Visit our website today and Slumberland retailer near you today!


We all realize how uncomfortable it can be to sleep on the couch, particularly because they are not designed for this. Although many times we feel the desire to take a short nap in the afternoons or while watching television, they are not intended for people to lay down for lengthy periods of time.

Because couches move the weight differently than a mattress does, your body is not completely supported, which results in many things that may happen to your body when sleeping on the couch. Let’s have a look at some reasons why you should fight the urge to fall asleep on the sofa:

Incorrect Position

This is a common trouble for those who tend to fall sleep on the sofa. A detrimental position may eventually injure your back and neck, leave you exhausted, and end up with significant medical conditions. Because our bodies are designed to sleep on our sides, we require enough support to do so. On a couch, however, this kind of sleeping position may feel uncomfortable and difficult to achieve which may result in feeling even more tired than normal.

Back Pain

Back pain is not often something that will begin due to a certain accident or injury. Many people who suffer with back pain start to feel it gradually. Back pain comes from consistent incorrect positions while walking, sleeping or sitting. You may not feel anything at first, but one day you may wake up and feel aching in your back. Sleeping on the sofa results in an increase in pressure on your spine, which may result in a growing pain in the long run.


Aside from being more at risk of blaring illumination, falling asleep on the sofa may also mean more distractions. Not only are we likely to have the television distracting us, we are also likely to be interrupted by someone else while in the middle of resting.

As you now know, sleeping on the couch can be extremely harmful to our sleep and eventually our health. In order to avoid falling asleep on the couch in the first place, perhaps you should consider investing in a bed that you will never want to get out of. Slumberland offers an extensive range of beds and mattresses including spring, memory foam and gel at affordable prices. Visit our website and find a stockiest near you today!


How do you sleep? On your back, tummy or on your side? If you have medical problems or you are pregnant you might have to sleep in certain positions. Sleeping wrong can cause back pain and stiff necks, how you sleep also defines your personality.

Many people wake up with lower back pain and neck pain, this could be from sleeping in the wrong position at night. It is very important to make sure you have a natural curve to the spine, while you are lying on your comfortable bed.

The best way to have a curve to your spine is by sleeping on your back. If some people sleep on their backs, they tend to snore more. Everyone has their own sleeping position that work for them, but it is the correct one?

Sleeping Positions, and How They Benefit You and Your Slumber

Sleeping on your stomach – people who sleep on their stomach can make their medical conditions worse. Your neck and spine is not at a neutral position, which will cause pain and pressure on the nerves and cause the body to be numb and tinkle.

Freefall position – sleeping in this position, most people have their arms under the pillow with their heads turned. Researchers say that this position, people are more outspoken and outgoing.

Back sleeping – if you have existing back pain, this position can make it worse. People may experience lower back pain. Sleeping on your back may cause you to snore much worse than you normally do. The pro about sleeping on your back is that your head, neck and spine are in neutral positions, which is good.

The soldier position – sleepers lie on their back and their arms are down and close to the body. People who sleep like this are very reserved, this sleeping position may prevent you from having a restful night’s sleep.

The starfish position –  arms above their head. These people are good listeners and helpful. People who are sleeping in this position may be having sleep problems and snoring problems.

Sleeping on your side – this is the most popular type of sleeping position. This is good for pregnant women, because it facilitates circulation to both mom and foetus. Good for people who snore, and if you have arthritis this may make you sore. Deeply breathing may be restricted, because the diaphragm is restricted.

The fetal position – the legs are bent and curled up. Women are more than likely to sleep in this position, other than men. People who sleep in this position have friendly personalities and are sensitive on the inside but tough on the outside. These people are very touch and protective.

Log position – this sleeping position is good for people who snore. These people are easy going and social people, they are also trusting and could be gullible.

The yearner position – arms are stretched out in front of the body. This is good for people who snore, but could be bad if you have arthritis. These people are stubborn and open-minded, they tend to stick to their decision once their mind is made up.

Spooning position – cuddling stimulates the release of the hormone called “oxytocin”. The hormone promotes bonding, and decreases stress. Cuddling could make you go to sleep quicker. Cuddling for as little as 10 minutes, triggers the release of oxytocin.

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These are the sleeping positions that are most common. In order to have a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable bed to sleep on, whether it’s a double or a king size bed. Call one of our consultants at Slumberland today for more information on our plush mattresses, or visit our website.


When it comes those long days or weeks, there is always that one thing that helps us get the energy and rest that will make the next day possible. For those Sunday mornings where the kids come with a tray of pancakes and a warm cup of coffee. This all comes down to our beds. Without them we would not get the sleep that we all crave after an exhausting day at work. However when we do not have properly designed beds or they have lived long past their expiration, sleeping may start to feel like a chore. With the help of comfortable, supportive mattress we get the sleep that we all need.

For those Sunday mornings

After a long day of work, all the chores that meet us at the end of the day and the kids are finally asleep there is only one thing on our minds, sleep. With our beds being the best hello and the hardest goodbye, we would not be able to get that sleep that we all crave. However after all those long nights and late Sunday mornings, our beds get a bit tired. When that happens the springs start to dig a bit harder into our backs and starts feeling like a torture chamber. Now I am pretty sure no one would like that after a long day of work. Through the help of comfortable, supportive mattress we get to enjoy the time we get to rest. We want a reason to stay in bed on the weekends, it allows us to really rest up for the craziness of what the week ahead has to offer.

Getting the sleep we need

We all need that comfy and cosy bed to help recharge our batteries for the next day or for those days where we get that extra bit of sleep, having a comfy bed really makes a big difference. Through the help of Slumberland, we are offered that extra bit of comfort. With so many different types of brands and types of beds to choose from, when it comes to choosing a new bed it can be an adventure. Contact them at +27 (011) 309 4000 or email at


There comes a time in the day when we finally get the sleep that we have been looking forward from the second that we made our way out of the bed. We all have a very deep connection to our beds. I mean I am pretty sure there is not a single soul that does not miss their day when the day starts to become a bit tiresome. However there comes a time in the lives of our beds, where they have given up a bit or a lot. That is when it is time to say good bye to the old and get ready for the new. Because it is time to find the perfect mattress that provides the comfort and support that we have been looking forward to.

Choosing what fits ones needs

When it comes time to choose a new bed it can be a bit of a daunting task. Because there are so many different types and sizes to choose from. However I think it leads to new horizons and new experiences. As the technology and engineering of beds change every day, this thus leads to new ways one can experience the way they sleep at night. With beds that are specially designed to cater to the shape of one’s body, it allows for individuals to have a new outlook on how they sleep. Through the use of these new technologies, individuals can find their very own comfortable, supportive mattress and bed.

Getting the comfort that one has been lacking

We all need a reason to stay in on those Sunday mornings and the one thing that we can wait for when we get home from work. Through the use of specially designed mattresses, individuals can find the bed that just feels like it was made for them. It all comes down to what best suits that individual. It all comes down to getting down to Slumberland and finding that bed that you were looking for. For any enquires one can contact them at   +27 (011) 309 4000 or email at


Sleep is a very fascinating and plays an important role in any person’s  lifestyle. Whether you are rich, poor, young or old; everyone needs sleep on a daily basis, no matter who you are. Whenever increasing stress levels, the need for rest is vital to a healthy lifestyle, and one’s bed is key. Sleeping helps your brain prepare for the upcoming day, so you can perform certain important tasks. So in order to have a good night’s sleep and get enough rest for the next day, a good comfortable and supportive mattress will perform this task, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a day’s work.

Health Risks: Sleeping on an Aged Mattress

Sleeping on an aged mattress can increase some health risks. The most common one is back pain – a lot of people struggle with this and it could be because of your mattress.

Your mattress can also collect all types of bugs. Sleeping on an aged mattress can cause a restless night’s sleep and anxiety. Sleep deprivation can also take place because the body is not comfortable and needs rest, if this describes your nightly sleep, it is time you get a new comfortable and supportive mattress.

Do you need 8 hours sleep?

Yes, most people need 8 hours sleep on a daily basis for their body to be fully functional. The importance of sleep is numerous: Sleep helps protect your mental and physical health, it helps you to grow and develop in all kinds of ways, and is even essential for balancing moods and retaining memory.

If you are sleep deprived it takes away the ability to learn, make decisions, solve problems, and control emotions. Getting enough sleep boosts your immune system, mood, and will make you feel less stressed.

Fun Facts about Sleep

Sleep maintains a healthy balance of hormones, like your hunger hormone (ghrelin). When you don’t have enough sleep your level of ghrelin goes up and your level of leptin goes down. This makes you feel hungrier than when you are well-rested, and makes it difficult to concentrate or motivate yourself.

A Few Sleep Facts
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When you are working all day-every day to get ahead in your career, juggling the demands of a job and running a house, studying to get that degree that you are losing sleep over and just overall stressed, a comfortable supportive mattress will keep you stress free. For more information, please be sure to get in contact with a sales consultant from Slumberland today, or visit our website for more details.


Dreams are fascinating subjects which have sparked human curiosity throughout the ages. They present recurring themes that the human species have had along with some interesting interpretations of deeper meanings they may hold.

The dreaming phase of sleep occurs once you reach the Rapid Eye Movement or REM stage (the final stage of sleep) and comfort is crucial for reaching this stage, so ensuring that you have a supportive bed and mattress is important.

Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming of teeth falling out is thought to symbolise a loss of confidence or a feeling of having no control over a situation in your life. It could further indicate fears surrounding self-image. On the more positive side of interpretations, teeth are thought to be a symbol of growth so the loss of teeth could represent ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’ themes.

Death or Dying

Whilst the topic itself comes with a series of negative connotations and waking up from this kind of dream can leave us very unsettled, interpreters have a whole new spin on the matter. Many argue that dreams about death or dying are actually symbolic of the death of certain parts of ourselves that no longer serve us as we advance through life.

Running on the Spot

Theories about running on the spot or being unable to move forward link to the possibility of being stagnant in life or feeling as if no amount of effort ever yields the results that you are after. If there is someone or something chasing you at the same time, that is said to be symbolic of something that could be holding you back because you have not yet faced it.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the concept of becoming consciously aware of your dreams whilst you are having them so that you can get into a space where you can control them. It has to be thoroughly researched and practiced to attain. A great place to start is ensuring comfort while you sleep for better REM sleep. Contact Slumberland for excellent mattress advice or visit their website.