How can I choose the right type of mattress?

Many will agree that choosing the perfect mattress is not an easy task. Firstly, you will have to get rid of your old one and then go through the process of picking a new mattress that will serve you for a good few years. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting the right type of mattress:

·         Budget

·         Lifespan

·         Material and type

·         Your sleeping position

How often should I change my bed?

There is no set schedule to say when to purchase a new bed. However, this would depend on the kind of bed you have, how long you have had it and how often it has been used.

A quality bed will offer a life span of up to 20 years, or even more. It is recommended that for your comfort and health, you should be changing your mattress every 10 years.

How do I know that I need a new mattress?

There are a number of signs that you should look for when needing a new mattress, including:

1.       If you are not sleeping as well as you usually do,

2.       You are waking up with aches and pains,


3.       And you can see a physical change in your mattress.


When should I buy a new mattress?

The following are signs that you may need a new mattress:

  • You wake up tired in the morning, if not even MORE tired than when you went to bed
  • You experience body aches and pains when you wake up in the morning
  • The mattress coils are poking through the mattress
  • There is an inward sagging in the middle of the mattress causing you and your partner to roll together
  • The mattress looks lumpy and uneven
  • The edge has collapsed and is sagging
  • The mattress makes creaking noises
  • Your current mattress is older than 8 years

If you answered yes to three or more of the above questions, it probably is time for a new mattress.

How do I shop for the right Slumberland mattress?

Finding your perfect Slumberland mattress can be rather scary. However, if you have a look through our product range and find a Slumberland that interests you, you will know which retailer to visit for a comfort test. Visiting a store:

  • Read through the product information on our website so that you are familiar with the different product’s features and benefits.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so that you can lie down in your normal sleeping position. You should also turn on your sides so as to imitate your sleep pattern.
  • If you intend to share your bed with a partner than ensure that you both test the bed.
  • Know the size you require. Take into consideration your room size, access to the room (stairs, doorway, etc). Also, make sure that it is suitable for you and your partner to sleep comfortably.
  • If there are other Slumberland products on display, feel free to test each one. This will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right Slumberland for you.
  • Always try to buy the Slumberland mattress that best suits your comfort and support needs. Your new Slumberland mattress is an investment in your well-being.
  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to from the sales consultant. They are there to assist you.
What can I do to extend the life of my Slumberland mattress?

There are a few steps which you can take to extend the life of your Slumberland mattress.

  • Always buy a mattress and foundation as a set. A mattress is designed to perform at its best when it is used in conjunction with its matching foundation.
  • Rotate your Slumberland mattress from time to time and follow the correct rotation cycle as recommended on your warranty card.
  • Invest in a good quality, waterproof mattress protector. This will ensure that your mattress remains stain-free, dry, dust-free and helps prevent dust mites from making your Slumberland mattress their new home.
Does a mattress need to be hard in order for it to be a good one?

No. A mattress’ support is determined by its innerspring system and the various layers of comfort fillings used in its core. All Slumberland beds are manufactured with innerspring systems designed to provide you with supreme comfort and support. We recommend that you test different mattresses within the Slumberland Range to find the one that provides you with comfortable, correct support.

How do I process a warranty claim?

The warranty on a new Slumberland mattress and foundation is not an indicator of how long the product should be used before replacement. The warranty is there to protect you. In the unlikely event that a manufacturing fault develops during the warranty period, please inform the retailer where you purchased your Slumberland product and supply them with the following information:

  • Product Name and Size
  • Date and Proof of Purchase
  • Description of Complaint

How and why do I rotate my Slumberland Mattress?

For your comfort and to help extend the life of your Slumberland, we recommend that you regularly rotate your mattress. Follow the rotation cycle as recommended on your

How do I avoid body impressions on my Slumberland mattress?

Body impressions are a normal occurrence in a mattress similar to shoes that mould themselves to your feet. The best way to avoid body impressions is to follow the rotation cycle as recommended on your Slumberland warranty card and to continue to regularly rotate the mattress throughout its life. This will ensure that the comfort layers settle evenly and do not form body impressions. Body impressions can occur in a new mattress and indicate that the comfort layers are conforming to your body’s individual contours.

How do I care and clean my Slumberland mattress?

The following is a general guideline to help you care for your new Slumberland mattress. Please refer to the Slumberland warranty card for specific instructions provided with a new mattress purchase:

  • Rotate your mattress as per the rotation cycle on your Slumberland warranty card.
  • Never bend your Slumberland innerspring mattress.
  • Ensure you are using the correct base. A mattress and base should be purchased as a set as they have been designed to work together.
  • Do not allow your mattress to get wet.
  • Keep your mattress clean by using a mattress protector.
  • Do not use an iron or apply excessive heat to the mattress.
How long should a mattress last?

Mattresses should be replaced every 8 years (or less depending on use, comfort and support requirements).

How do I compare my old sleep set to the sleep sets available today?

The answer is you simply can’t. The design and manufacturing of sleep sets has changed dramatically over the last few years. Innerspring technology and the development of new foams and fibers have led to new product ranges.

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