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How to know which bed size is right for you

7 Sep 2021

Reasons for buying a new bed can vary from upgrading to the best quality mattress available to adapting to growing children, where the right support and comfort is always a priority. With a number of “best mattress brands in South Africa” advertised widely, it’s not always an easy choice – until you look beneath the covers.

Priding itself on providing superior quality mattresses in South Africa, Slumberland’s pedigree goes back to 1967 when it began with the goal of delivering supportive sleep on a luxurious mattress.

Since then, Slumberland beds have become legendary for comfort, support and opulence, ticking the first box in getting the right bed for your needs. Next, what size bed will suit your needs now and for years to come?

South African mattress sizes are standardised from Single at 91cm x 188cm, right up to the Super King at 200cm x 200cm. Arguably, the most popular size is the Queen, at 152cm x 188cm.

If you’ve owned a Slumberland mattress before, you’ll likely feel comfortable purchasing your mattress online. However, if you’re changing the size of your bed, you’d do best to visit a Slumberland store armed with a few important numbers:

  • The size of the room your new bed must fit in. Measure the room, the size of the mattress - including the bed base - and the space you’ll have to move around in once the bed is placed in position.
  • The height, size and weight of the person or people who will be looking for the quality support and sleep offered by the best mattress they can find. Take the measurement of the taller partner and work from there. Remember that a shared mattress means compromise if one partner wants an extra firm mattress and the other is seeking an extra plush. Slumberland suggests visiting a store together before choosing the mattress that works for both of you, as is not a something you can work out and purchase online.

When you’re buying one of South Africa’s most iconic mattress brands, a Slumberland representative can assist with meeting your superlative sleep requirements and you can rest assured you’re getting quality for many years to come.

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