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Luxury just got better!

31 May 2021

National bedding company Slumberland has announced some brand new and exciting changes to its bed ranges.

Slumberland has been offering South African families a splendid night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress since 1967, and we know our new ranges will tick all the boxes clients never even knew could be ticked!

The Slumberland Moonlight Ultra Luxury Collection introduces 2 new comfort options, a Firm and an Ultra Plush bed. The entire collection now comprises all comfort options that are so comfortable, they make the night the best part of your day!

Changes to the Slumberland Gold range include replacing the high density foam layer of the GEL FOAM FIRM TIGHT TOP with a Gel foam layer that is infused with Gel cells which regulates body temperature and keeps the sleep surface cool.

In fact this foam layer has been introduced into every Slumberland mattress!

The GEL MEMORY FOAM PLUSH PILLOW TOP sees its latex foam layer replaced with a Gel Memory foam layer (30mm) and a Conforming luxury foam layer (43mm) in the pillow top.

Also featuring Slumberland’s unique ActivCoil® spring system, the new mattresses provide even more contouring comfort, support and luxury with edge-to-edge support!

At Slumberland we firmly believe that no competitor in the South African market has been able to reach our level of all-enveloping luxury and quality, achieved through years of painstaking commitment to getting the formula just right.

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