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Queen size bed

Owning a queen size bed is one of the best decisions you can take, to ensure that you have a good and peaceful sleep.This type of bed is slightly smaller than the average king size bed but one size larger than a full-size or a double bed. It is usually measured as 152,4cm width by 203.2cm length. A queen size bed offers adequate space for multiple people and just the right amount of space to move around while sleeping.

Founded in 1967, Slumberland has grown to be the reliable provider of affordable, quality beds. Over the years this company has established a strong reputation, for exceptional luxury and durability.

The best bed providers in South Africa, Slumberland always advises consumers, about the beauty of having a queen size bed. That goes beyond giving you a peaceful sleep but it’s also a great way to provide a good deal of under bed storage space. Shoe boxes, plastic containers, and folded blankets of many different shapes and sizes can be pushed and stacked under these frames. This can lead to much reduction in the amount of mess, in the closets and storage chests. This is a good way for people to keep things that they don’t always use.

Slumberland beds have become legendary for comfort, support and absolute luxury, responding to people’s needs of wanting an uninterrupted night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress. Whether you’re a single sleeper or sharing with a partner, a queen size bed has a mattress size you won’t outgrow over time. Most master bedrooms can accommodate a queen mattress easily and the queen size’s popularity means that accessories and bedding are widely available in a range of price points, materials, and styles.

Here are types of queen size beds you can choose from:

  • Slumberland- offers superior comfort and quality mattresses that you can afford. If you consider that a third of your life will be spent sleeping, the importance of choosing a great bed becomes clear.
  • Reflexion- is more than a place of rest, it’s a place of support, where your body and soul can restore and reconnect, so that when dawn comes, you’ll be wide awake to the infinite possibilities ahead.
  • Premium- offers exceptional premium value and an undisturbed nights rest.
  • Moonlight- is as distinctive as night and day. Presented in seductive new shades evocative of a bright moonlit night, other benefits of this type include having to show them off without the sheets.

Slumberland store assistants and salesmen are always ready to help you buy your dream queen size bed simply call them on 011 309 4000 or ask for a quote here.