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Slumberland: Bringing Much Needed Comfort

Slumberland: Bringing Much Needed Comfort

Manufactured in SA and making a difference

“A tiny germ has changed the entire world.”

A few months ago, this would have been an old idea for a science fiction movie. But thanks to Covid-19 it’s become all too frighteningly true to life.

Yes, our world may never be the same again but there are reasons to be optimistic about the future. This is our chance to become a more considerate, less wasteful world. A world that cares more about our communities than ourselves. A world that’s more satisfying to live in.

With that in mind, South Africans can take some comfort in knowing that Slumberland will be playing its part in helping to restore the local economy for the good of us all.

Ras Erasmus, Sales & Marketing Executive for Slumberland, provides some perspective: “While Slumberland is a famous international brand, bed sets are manufactured in South Africa for the region, which provides important local employment that has far-reaching benefits. Being local is going to be a really big deal in the coming months and years.

“The fact that Slumberland is manufactured in South Africa is something we’ve always been extremely proud of,” says Erasmus. “But with the Coronavirus having brought our country and economy under such an enormous strain, we’re extra proud and privileged to be able to contribute towards getting things growing again.”

Erasmus’s point is well made. Slumberland is part of the Bravo Group, home to many of the country’s best-loved brands in the lounge and bedding categories. With seven factories in South Africa, Bravo Group employs more than 3000 people and provides opportunities for thousands more through its local procurement programme.

“Being a locally made product gives us, and the wider community, an important advantage as we work hard to emerge from an economy that needs all the help it can get,” says Erasmus. “South Africans will realise that when they buy imported products most of the money will be leaving the country. But when buying local, the money will stay local, and that is exactly what’s needed right now.

“Raw materials bought from local suppliers are locally crafted in our factories. The steel we use is milled in South Africa and the timber is harvested from South African sustainable plantations. That’s a lot of people and their families who benefit from the making of a Slumberland bed. And of course, the more beds we make the more people we’re able to employ,” Erasmus says.

Though locally manufactured, Slumberland is an international brand that can draw on global knowledge about sleep and take advantage of the latest technological advances, ensuring the brand will continue to provide the exceptional luxury and durability it’s become famous for.

Erasmus concludes: “Slumberland has been proudly manufactured in South Africa for many years, but it’s now, when being locally made takes on far greater importance, that we feel especially pleased to be playing our part.”