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2 Feb 2021

Cherished local brand joins “Buy Local” movement

Slumberland has been offering South African families a splendid night’s sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress since 1967.

As part of the company’s commitment to serve local communities across South Africa, Slumberland and its holding company the Bravo Group will join other members of the Proudly South African organization in focusing on job creation, boosting the South African economy and ensuring that money spent remains in the country.

Any brand wanting to qualify as a Proudly South African company must prove that they adhere to South Africa’s labour and environmental legislation, must provide certified proof of quality craftsmanship, and at least 50% of the final cost of production of their product must have been incurred in South Africa.

Slumberland’s core business principle of local manufacturing, and our policy of only using locally sourced raw materials in our manufacturing process, stood us in good stead.

Our holding company, Bravo Group, has created jobs for South Africans for more than 120 years. Currently the group employs over 3000 local employees in seven factories across the country.

Slumberland is ecstatic to be a Proudly South African brand as it promotes job retention and creation, assists other local service providers and small businesses, boosts the South African economy hard-hit by Coronavirus, lessens the impact on our environment and helps our local communities to grow and prosper.

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