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13 Sep 2018

A great night sleep does wonders for your body and your mind, however, that feeling can easily disappear if your quality of sleep is not as great as it should be or if it constantly getting interrupted. Studies have  identified that interrupted sleep can leave you feeling like you have not had nearly enough sleep or it could leave you feeling like you have not had any sleep at all. That does not have a great effect on your mind or your body for the next day. It is better for your overall health to get a great full night’s sleep, but that isn’t always possible.

Disturbed Sleep Side Effects

Disturbed sleep does not only make you reach for an extra cup of coffee or two to get through the day, it also has more underlying negative effects, some that we notice and some that we might not. Of course, it affects our energy levels, it also affects our memory. A scary reality of not getting enough sleep every night is that it does not do our body and organs any good. It accelerates our aging, meaning that the less sleep that you get over the years the more wrinkles and grey hairs you will find surfacing. You may experience depression, confusion, and drastic changes through various negative emotions.

The Cause Of Disruptive Sleep

One night of disturbed sleep causes negative moods and poor concentration for the next day. The reality is that these results can worsen and accumulate as time goes on and proper sleep is not achieved. There are many different reasons to not get a constant night’s sleep. This could be because you are new parents, your work demands you to be on call at night, you live in a busy and noisy place, you could be experiencing health problems or you could be woken up by your partner’s sleep habits.

The Solutions

The solutions to these problems could be more difficult to achieve than we would like to admit, however, we owe it to ourselves to go to the effort to get more restful sleep each and every night. This could be a complete work and living routine change, or a change in diet and bedtime routine change. Or even a simple change in products that support your infant’s sleep. There is also the option of a new bed that supports your body and your needs while offering the level of comfort that you need to enjoy your sleep.


If you are looking for a great bed to help you get the most out of your night’s sleep, one that offers great comfort and that is designed to help you not be disturbed by your partner and their sleeping habits, be sure to visit Slumberland. They offer a range of luxury beds that are designed to help you get restful sleep each and every night.

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