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9 Jul 2019

How do you sleep? On your back, tummy or on your side? If you have medical problems or you are pregnant you might have to sleep in certain positions. Sleeping wrong can cause back pain and stiff necks, how you sleep also defines your personality.

Many people wake up with lower back pain and neck pain, this could be from sleeping in the wrong position at night. It is very important to make sure you have a natural curve to the spine, while you are lying on your comfortable bed.

The best way to have a curve to your spine is by sleeping on your back. If some people sleep on their backs, they tend to snore more. Everyone has their own sleeping position that work for them, but it is the correct one?

Sleeping Positions, and How They Benefit You and Your Slumber

Sleeping on your stomach – people who sleep on their stomach can make their medical conditions worse. Your neck and spine is not at a neutral position, which will cause pain and pressure on the nerves and cause the body to be numb and tinkle.

Freefall position – sleeping in this position, most people have their arms under the pillow with their heads turned. Researchers say that this position, people are more outspoken and outgoing.

Back sleeping – if you have existing back pain, this position can make it worse. People may experience lower back pain. Sleeping on your back may cause you to snore much worse than you normally do. The pro about sleeping on your back is that your head, neck and spine are in neutral positions, which is good.

The soldier position – sleepers lie on their back and their arms are down and close to the body. People who sleep like this are very reserved, this sleeping position may prevent you from having a restful night’s sleep.

The starfish position –  arms above their head. These people are good listeners and helpful. People who are sleeping in this position may be having sleep problems and snoring problems.

Sleeping on your side – this is the most popular type of sleeping position. This is good for pregnant women, because it facilitates circulation to both mom and foetus. Good for people who snore, and if you have arthritis this may make you sore. Deeply breathing may be restricted, because the diaphragm is restricted.

The fetal position – the legs are bent and curled up. Women are more than likely to sleep in this position, other than men. People who sleep in this position have friendly personalities and are sensitive on the inside but tough on the outside. These people are very touch and protective.

Log position – this sleeping position is good for people who snore. These people are easy going and social people, they are also trusting and could be gullible.

The yearner position – arms are stretched out in front of the body. This is good for people who snore, but could be bad if you have arthritis. These people are stubborn and open-minded, they tend to stick to their decision once their mind is made up.

Spooning position – cuddling stimulates the release of the hormone called “oxytocin”. The hormone promotes bonding, and decreases stress. Cuddling could make you go to sleep quicker. Cuddling for as little as 10 minutes, triggers the release of oxytocin.

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These are the sleeping positions that are most common. In order to have a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable bed to sleep on, whether it’s a double or a king size bed. Call one of our consultants at Slumberland today for more information on our plush mattresses, or visit our website.

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