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6 Aug 2019

We all realize how uncomfortable it can be to sleep on the couch, particularly because they are not designed for this. Although many times we feel the desire to take a short nap in the afternoons or while watching television, they are not intended for people to lay down for lengthy periods of time.

Because couches move the weight differently than a mattress does, your body is not completely supported, which results in many things that may happen to your body when sleeping on the couch. Let’s have a look at some reasons why you should fight the urge to fall asleep on the sofa:

Incorrect Position

This is a common trouble for those who tend to fall sleep on the sofa. A detrimental position may eventually injure your back and neck, leave you exhausted, and end up with significant medical conditions. Because our bodies are designed to sleep on our sides, we require enough support to do so. On a couch, however, this kind of sleeping position may feel uncomfortable and difficult to achieve which may result in feeling even more tired than normal.

Back Pain

Back pain is not often something that will begin due to a certain accident or injury. Many people who suffer with back pain start to feel it gradually. Back pain comes from consistent incorrect positions while walking, sleeping or sitting. You may not feel anything at first, but one day you may wake up and feel aching in your back. Sleeping on the sofa results in an increase in pressure on your spine, which may result in a growing pain in the long run.


Aside from being more at risk of blaring illumination, falling asleep on the sofa may also mean more distractions. Not only are we likely to have the television distracting us, we are also likely to be interrupted by someone else while in the middle of resting.

As you now know, sleeping on the couch can be extremely harmful to our sleep and eventually our health. In order to avoid falling asleep on the couch in the first place, perhaps you should consider investing in a bed that you will never want to get out of. Slumberland offers an extensive range of beds and mattresses including spring, memory foam and gel at affordable prices. Visit our website and find a stockiest near you today!

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