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10 Dec 2018

The average mattress enjoys a lifespan of around 10 or so years, which is a remarkably long time. They are however, not all built equal, and because of that their lifespans will differ somewhat.

Still, there are a few steps and precautions you can take to ensure that your comfortable and supportive mattress lasts that little bit longer; so that you can enjoy getting a good night’s rest for an extended time.

Use a Supportive Base

To ensure that your mattress retains its structure and shape, even after years of use, you should only use it on the appropriate base. This way the mattress will always be properly supported, and as such, will last that much longer.

Always Use a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a form of removable bedding that can be placed over the mattress, removed and washed whenever the need arises. By always using one you will protect your mattress from contaminants which may make it unhygienic after a period of time; so it is always worth using one from the very beginning.

Keep Your Linen Clean

On top of using a mattress protector, it is a good idea to wash your linen and change it weekly. This will hamper the spread of bed-bugs, bacteria and dirt which may take root in your mattress and eventually make it unusable or unhygienic to sleep on.

Keep Pets Off

While we do love our pets, we need to accept that they aren’t exactly the cleanest things in our home, and letting them sleep on the mattress will lessen its lifespan as a result. Animals shed fur, carry parasites and create a general mess wherever they sleep. To keep your mattress fresher for longer, try to keep them off the bed.

Get a Mattress from Slumberland

Keeping your mattress in good condition for longer can be done fairly simply using these tips. The best way to ensure that your mattress serves you well for years to come, is to invest in one that is of exceptional quality. To find such a mattress, contact a representative from Slumberland today, or visit our website for additional information.

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