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8 Apr 2019

Dreams are fascinating subjects which have sparked human curiosity throughout the ages. They present recurring themes that the human species have had along with some interesting interpretations of deeper meanings they may hold.

The dreaming phase of sleep occurs once you reach the Rapid Eye Movement or REM stage (the final stage of sleep) and comfort is crucial for reaching this stage, so ensuring that you have a supportive bed and mattress is important.

Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming of teeth falling out is thought to symbolise a loss of confidence or a feeling of having no control over a situation in your life. It could further indicate fears surrounding self-image. On the more positive side of interpretations, teeth are thought to be a symbol of growth so the loss of teeth could represent ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’ themes.

Death or Dying

Whilst the topic itself comes with a series of negative connotations and waking up from this kind of dream can leave us very unsettled, interpreters have a whole new spin on the matter. Many argue that dreams about death or dying are actually symbolic of the death of certain parts of ourselves that no longer serve us as we advance through life.

Running on the Spot

Theories about running on the spot or being unable to move forward link to the possibility of being stagnant in life or feeling as if no amount of effort ever yields the results that you are after. If there is someone or something chasing you at the same time, that is said to be symbolic of something that could be holding you back because you have not yet faced it.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the concept of becoming consciously aware of your dreams whilst you are having them so that you can get into a space where you can control them. It has to be thoroughly researched and practiced to attain. A great place to start is ensuring comfort while you sleep for better REM sleep. Contact Slumberland for excellent mattress advice or visit their website.

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