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6 Aug 2019

A quality bed base makes all the difference to the comfort of your mattress. Matching your mattress with a quality base means that you will get utmost benefits in terms of durability and comfort. On the contrary, if you are using a poor quality base then you are limiting the benefits that your mattress can offer you.

Keep in mind that, your bed base is the foundation for your mattress. Nothing else is holding your mattress up therefore, if your bed base is sagging so will your mattress.

It has likely been some time since you have purchased a mattress and/or a bed base, however mattress related technology may have changed since the last time you went shopping.

Mattress manufacturers as well as consumers are noticing that both the mattress and the bed base affect one another. A quality mattress on a quality base will feel extremely comfortable and will last you years. However, a good mattress on a poor quality bed base will not feel as pleasant nor last as long.

Is your sleep system not working for you? If your bed is beginning to feel lumpy, or if you are feeling pains in the morning, chances are that your current sleep system is not working for you. The issue may be the mattress, the bed base or both. This is why it is important to buy your mattress and base together as a pair.

Don’t slip into the trap of replacing your mattress but still keeping your old bed base. You will most likely not get the complete comfort that you deserve. In fact, if you seem to forever be searching for the greatest mattress and cannot seem to find one, consider the possibility of the issue being the bed base.

Get the best quality comfortable mattresses and bed bases. Slumberland offers a wide range of various mattress types providing you the option to choose according to your comfort and support requirements. Visit our website today and Slumberland retailer near you today!

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