Mattress Range

Activ Coil Slumberland Mattress


Coil Mattress

If you desire unparalleled support and durability, our Activ Coil mattresses are engineered for you. These high-performance mattresses feature advanced coil systems that offer superb spine alignment and long-lasting comfort.



If you crave targeted support and minimal motion transfer, our Pocket Spring mattresses are the perfect choice. With individually encased coils, these mattresses adapt to your body’s unique shape, reducing partner disturbance and promoting undisturbed slumber.

Slumberland Pocket Firm Mattress
Slumerbland Pocket Plus Mattress


PLUS Mattress

For an added layer of luxury, our Pocket Plus mattresses feature enhanced support and premium materials. Enjoy a night of blissful sleep on these mattresses, which combine the benefits of pocket springs with added plushness.



 Experience cloud-like comfort and exceptional body contouring with our Foam mattresses. Crafted from high-quality foam materials, these mattresses offer the perfect balance between softness and support, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Slumberland Foam FIrm Mattress

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